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Easy Step by Step Home Pedicures and Nails

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Easy Step by Step Home Pedicures and NailsElectric Nail's Manicure Pedicure File Kit with Bits for Gel, Acrylic & Natural nails 20000RPM. Light-weight design handpiece for precise operation. Quiet and smooth - No vibration design for comfort grip, plus Nail Machine stand, suitable for easy step by step home pedicures and manicure.

Pedicure is just the treatment working feet deserve. If you do not feel that you can afford to have a professional pedicure in a beauty salon, treat yourself to one at home pedicure, with special tool and designed nails ideas .

There is no need to pay spa prices for a pedicure. Use these easy step by step home pedicures, find tips to get polished nails in minutes and cost free. Ladies, before you bare those nail's toes, here are the easy steps to achieving a simple home pedicure to your nail's toes without the salon cost.

Toe nails are usually the last on the list because their location makes it a bit easier to postpone their pedicure. Now is the time to learn how to make a pedicure look professional, follow these easy steps and make your toe's nails to look good but also makes one feel good too. When is time to bare your feet in summer sandals read this easy guide to getting them in tip top condition.

The best way to ensure that your feet stay soft, is to moisturize them before bed, using a foot moisturizer, and keep cuticles soft and under control by massaging in an almond-based cuticle oil nightly. In the morning you are now ready to start your step by step pedicure. First; soak your feet in the bath, or fill a bowl with warm water, and add few drops of lavender oil or a foot soak.

Try body soap - Second; pat feet dry and the file any patches or rough skin, using a foot file. Third; slough off dead skin with a foot exfolint. Massage in well, using circular motions, rinse of and dry feet, them massage in a rich foot cream, paying special attention to dry areas and soles and the skin where the skin is hard.

Cut your toenails strait across, using a toenail clippers or scissors, then file off sharp edges. Before painting nails, always apply a base coat first. This will protect your nails from becoming discolored by dark polish, as well as making your pedicures last longer. Next apply two coats of nail's polish. Bright colors in every shade are very popular. Now apply a top coat.

This will prevent the color chipping off. You can make your home pedicure last few weeks by simply painting a new top coat once a week. Try not to wear shoes or tights for at list one hour after your pedicure. The best way is to buy a small and easy to use pedicure kit