Sharest P2P File Sharing. Free Download

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P2P File sharing programDownload free P2P Software, this program is very useful for the one that wants the maximum safety during the phase of download of music and video to your computer.

The graphic interface of the software is spartan, but the functions are comparable to those of eMule, if not clearly better. Exeem also supports the protocol Bit Torrent to unload even more file in fast way.

Free download music, video and documents of various kind with this software is extremely simple, but unfortunately the quantity of present contents is very limited.

This because the development of . eXeem contains no spyware or adware, download the latest program now Use these sharing programs for downloading movies, music, fast software applications and other programs. The program is based on the Bittorrent idea, but without the need for trackers. This free sharing software also features easy publication of files to the network as well as a rating and comments system.