Free Money Giveaway! Get paid for Taking Surveys

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free money giveawayWin £30,000 Giveaway Get paid for Taking Surveys, get rewarded, just for being online. Even if you are just checking your email, or updating your social media status, you will earn rewards.

Simply join their free online panel. You could Win the Nielsen NetRatings £30,000 free offers and Giveaway! Just download the Free Nielsen Online App. on your computer, search the web and keep the Nielsen Online App. on your computer.

To qualify for the prizes, you must complete the next few pages keep the research computer meter on your computer for the next five weeks.

Win money for taking surveys and help shape the future of the internet. Free Prizes on offer are: £1,000 Monthly Prizes (10 Winners get £100 each)- Open to all new members that joined that month £2,500 Quarterly Prizes (5 Winners) Fist Prize £1,000 and more giveaway money