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Free Chicken Curry. Slim Cooking low-calorie Food

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Free Chicken Curry. Slim Cooking low-calorie FoodFree pack of chicken massaman curry for every order. Get a Slim Cooking low-calorie food; pasta, noodles and rice!

Free pack of chicken massaman curry for every order Konjac Slim food products are made from a natural blend of Konjac vegetable flour and organic oat fibre we, that keeps you full for up to four hours.

Konjac low-calorie foods have no taste of their own, but are highly absorbent and great with flavourful soups, pastas and curries!

Their Slim Cooking range gives you easy-to-cook sachets of pasta, noodles and rice that just need to be warmed up before serving.

The Slim Ready low-calorie food provides you ready meals in delicious low-calorie sauces.

The best part is, konjac products are perfectly safe for Coeliacs, diabetics, and other special-needs diets, as all the food is gluten-free, sugar-free, very low in carbs, and unless specifically stated