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Free Volvic Bottle of Flavoured Water

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Free Volvic Bottle of Flavoured WaterWow! Volvic is giving away 15,000 bottles of FREE water in multiple flavours. Grab your FREE Bottle of Water now using code 3057640117268.

Click 'Get Freebie' to get your free voucher! You can use your coupon to get a free 500ml bottle of Volvic Plain, Volvic Touch of Fruit, Volvic Juiced or Volvic Touch of Fruit Sparkling.

Volvic water flows through six layers of volcanic rock infusing it with unique volcanic minerals, with delicious fruit flavours to create a refreshingly tasty flavoured water.

Try this unique blend combines the refreshing taste of Volvic Mineral Water with a hint of flavoured fruits " UK only"